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"I was impressed by her businesslike approach and was even more impressed by her love for dogs and her knowledge of their behavior."  Sir Frederick Smith

"… I liked your methods & the fact that Odie loved you too. The training was fun & very
Adonia Evelyn

"It was a pleasure working with you, as you demonstrated a great deal of professionalism and patience"   
Lynn McGowan

"I have been impressed by Lisa's response and training & I would highly recommend her to anyone…"  Shelly Carter

" …Thank you for the wonderful work you did...you provided guidance and training...Storm has settled down nicely." 
Ferida Fernandes

"Lisa was wonderful ...Java is now a lot more manageable and  better behaved." 
Lucille Moe

"You showed that there is no such thing as an untrainable dog and Delilah took to training very well." 
Penelope Hynam

"You are professional in all your sessions and always appear comfortable with all of the dogs and owners.  You are also non-judgemental with the dogs and their owners and that is good." 
Sheridan Reece

Lisa's training of Kelly and instructions to me was simple, straight forward and easy to do, and we both enjoyed it very much.  I am very happy with the results of Kelly's training, I now have a well-behaved dog that I can enjoy.  Thank you Lisa!"  Michael Headley

"I appreciate the positive training methods, so Brandy is happy and I feel good and enjoy the training instead of punishing her."  Antje Jones

"I trained in the past using the old compulsion method which failed me miserably when I tried them with Nup-Nup who was especially nervous.  Thank you for showing me the new kinder, gentler dog training techniques, she wasn't afraid of you and trusted you, so she allowed me back into her life."
  B Forsythe

The American College of
Veterinary Behaviorists

advises against trainers who use choke chains, prong collars, shock, leash corrections, forced downs, alpha rolls, scruffing,
kneeing the dog in the chest or abdomen, pinching the toes, hitting the dog,
yelling, choking,
helicoptering & those who advise owners to be the
alpha & explain
behavior in terms of