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We save you time and hassle by visiting you at your home - with private & individual attention! This has the definite advantage of dealing with behaviour issues and putting the training in its appropriate context - home is where most of the problems occur. It is  tailored to fit your life style and needs. We teach you how to coach your dog.  You need  to adhere to the training program and recommendations, which is essential to the successful maintenance of the
obedience training and behavior problem management

PUPPY START RIGHT PROGRAM - 4 SESSIONS - For pups between 8 & 12 weeks old.  Your pup will learn - to sit, loose leash walking, housetraining, handling & grooming,
socialisation, preventing and stopping unwanted behaviours such as nipping, chewing,        destruction and jumping up.  Topics such as Feeding, Vaccinations, Fleas and Ticks, etc will be covered. 

C.L.A.S.S. MANNERS PROGRAM - 6 SESSIONS FOR EACH LEVEL - For pups between 13 weeks & dogs as old as 9 years or more.   Coach your dog - loose leash walking, walking under control, to sit, lie down, stand, stay and come to you, how to properly greet  people without jumping up and how to go through doors and gates under control.  We will also cover Health topics, socialisation., handling & grooming, preventing & stopping unwanted    behaviours such as nipping, chewing, destruction, barking, jumping up, etc. 

The Association of Pet Dog Trainer's
obedience training (see above) with "real-life" skills which promotes positive reinforcement training to strengthen relationships between humans and their canine companions.  There are three C.L.A.S.S. levels -

    Bachelor's (B.A.) Skills include wait at the door, come & leashing up manners, loose
    leash walking & attention, meet & greet, leave it, wait for the food bowl, stay & settle.
    Master's (M.A.) Skills include wait in the car and at doors, pass by other dogs, come,
    leashing up manners, sit/down/stand, handling, loose leash walking, leave it & stay.
    Doctorate (Ph.D.) Skills include loose leash walking, back up, stay, come, leashing
    up manners, meet & greet, attention, table manners, sit, all with additional distractions

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION & PROBLEM SOLVING -  Private Consultation for owners who are having specific problems with their dog, such as separation anxiety,            aggression, shyness, destructiveness (chewing, stealing, digging) etc. The elimination of     behaviour problems begins with a good obedience foundation since it gives you the tools for managing the dog.  We will discuss the problem in detail and give you the necessary tools. 

"Are you looking for a more dog friendly way to train?

Training classes do not have to be filled with leash corrections.  That method was used if you trained 50 years ago.

Lucky for your dog, those
methods are outdated and 
replaced with science based training."